Saturday, September 20, 2014

Dotnet interview questions 2014


1)How to pass data from view to controller?

2)How does Authorize Attribute work?

3)What is ViewData,ViewBag and TempData?

4)What is WebAPI?

5)What is Dependency Injection?

6) What are the action filters in MVC? 

7) Route Constraints?


 1)Can we implement interfaces with same method names in c# ? 

2) What is the difference between out and ref parameter?

3) Thread pooling? 

4) Extension Methods?

5) IEnumerable Vs IQueryable?

6) Hashtable vs Dictionary?

7) What is the difference between constant and readonly?



1)How to find second highest or maximum salary of Employee?

2) How to Remove duplicate records from a table?

3) How to use recursive CTE calls in T-SQL?